Cane Hill masterplan completes

The Cane Hill development of 667 homes has completed. The project is located on the site of a former derelict hospital on Green Belt land just to the south of Coulsdon Town Centre. The layout was designed around the magnificent landscape which has dramatic topography, fantastic views and many large mature trees. A number of heritage buildings were also retained. 3d modelling of the whole site allowed us to tailor each part of the development to suit its particular setting, creating a network of linked landscape spaces framed by characterful housing and varied streets. The links provide connections for local people to the countryside, and a high level of amenity for residents.

The scheme celebrates the natural and historic character of this Green belt site and improves access to countryside for the existing community to create an exemplar sustainable development for the 21st century, delivered by a volume housebuilder in close collaboration with the GLA, Croydon council and the local community.  Phase 1 completed in 2017 and comprises of 187 homes, whilst phase 2 completed in 2021 delivers 472 homes to complete the masterplan which integrates this previously derelict site with the surrounding area and strengthens the links to Coulsdon town centre. 

Cane Hill sits to the south of Coulsdon Town Centre and is characterised by its dramatic topography and a rich establish landscape of mature woods, stand alone trees, hedgerows, fields and footpaths. The masterplan works with these features so that the site is always the star, delivering new houses that respect and enhance their setting, while having strong connections to Coulsdon town centre to bring economic activity to the high street and historic town. Retained hospital buildings, the Chapel and Water tower, are incorporated into the design to provide heritage focal points which aid navigation and provide a memory of the site’s previous use.


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