Celebrating our staff

This week marks Race Equality Week 2022 and as part of our activities, we have decided to shine a spotlight on and celebrate some of our incredible colleagues and their talents...

NameBianca Baidoo 

RolePart 2 Architectural Assistant 


Bianca’s interests are travelling, explorative mixed media art methods to illustrate the built environment and uix/ux. 

Outside of HTA:  

Outside of HTA, runs a social media platform and blog ‘arqdiary’, its core ethos is to be ‘inclusive about architecture’. This platform seeks to collate tools and information in a digital diary format to assist various architectural stakeholders in the industry spanning from students to professionals. These tools include diverse vector cutouts, bitesize information, and inspiration in the form of eye-catching and colourful branding. Arqdiary regularly collaborates with other archi-influencers in the industry to drive further content to the archi-audience.  arqdiary.com 

Favourite Project:  

Her key focus is designing environments that facilitate inclusive community cohesion, whilst maintaining an innovative and environmentally focussed approach. This approach was illustrated through a comprehensive thesis design which comprised a mixed-use & social housing development at Pudding Mill Lane Stratford in her Part II Studies. In which she was awarded a distinction for her exploration of sustainable and inclusive communities placing play space at the centre, taking inspiration from Kate Mcintosh’s Dawson Heights development. 

Name: Mylan Thuroczy 

Role: Part 1 Architectural Assistant 

Mylan Thuroczy joined HTA as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant about 5 months ago after graduating from the Manchester School of Architecture. 


Since joining HTA she primarily has been working on Chapel Place in Ilford, a mixed-use development to deliver approximately 1200 new homes. She likes how the project is greenery and public space led and she enjoys learning about various aspects of architecture during her work. Mylan’s final university project revolved around reimagining the future role of service stations.  


Mylan is interested in sustainable and community-led architecture. She cares a lot about mental health in the profession. She enjoys drawing, creating graphic design work, and trying out new arts and crafts techniques in her free time. 

Interesting facts…  

Mylan participated in the 17th FINA World Championships as part of the Hungarian National Synchronised Swimming Team in 2017. 

Name: Sarah Osei 

Role: Part 1 Architectural Assistant 


Sarah has a keen interest in council housing, social equality and community-led architecture.  

Outside of HTA:  

Outside of HTA, Sarah is part of the INVOLVED Magazine team as a writer. Through this, she has been able to explore displacement in communities, post-war housing as well as interviewing the likes of Mariam Kamara of Atelier Masomi and Dominique Petit-frère of Limbo Accra. This led her to write for ft’work – a non-profit organisation.  

Favourite Project:  

In Sarah’s 3rd year, her dissertation explored the rise and fall of the Aylesbury Estate in South East – London. The dissertation was then nominated for the 2019 RIBA President Medals dissertation award.  

The Estate was also a focus for her Final major project in which she sought to create a new social housing prototype for the Aylesbury, earning herself an Honourable mention from RIBA SELA (South East London Architects).  

Name: Shawn Adams  

Role: Part 2 Architectural Assistant 

Shawn Adams has been an employee at HTA for over a year. He is dedicated to helping and empowering young people.  


Shawn is interested in making architecture and the wider design industry more diverse and getting the voices of those often marginalised heard. 

Outside of HTA:  

Outside of HTA, Shawn teaches BA Architecture at UAL CSM, is a co-founder of POoR Collective and writes for various architecture and design magazines. Shawn has written for the Architects’ Journal, ICON, OnOffice, Wallpaper*, FRAME, Disegno and his design work has been featured in The Guardian, Financial Times and RIBAJ. He is also a Trustee of the Museum of Architecture and sits on the Advisory Board of Open City's Accelerate Programme -  a design, education and mentoring programme providing access to a wider pool of young people and increasing diversity in the built environment professions.  

Favourite Project:  

For Shawn’s final year master’s project at the Royal College of Art, he designed a set of interventions for a community of young African men in Agbogbloshie, Accra Ghana. This project won the Architects’ Journal Student prize in 2020 and was featured in Betts Project in London. 

Name: Tanatswa Borerwe

Role: Part 2 Architectural Assistant


Tanatswa is interested individual and collective identity, social equality, and community engagement.

Outside of HTA:

Outside of HTA, she is a multidisciplinary creative who also creates art. Her design practice explores the representation of migrants and their alternative narratives through media such as archive, photography, and curation. These interested led win a competitive Venice Biennale Steward-Research Fellowship 2021 place, where she co-curated a digital exhibition that explores alternative migrant experiences. Additionally, she freelances as Graphic designer such as logos and branding packages.

Favourite Project:

As a British Council’s Venice Biennale Research 2021 Fellowship Programme, supported by HTA Design LLP, she co-curated a digital exhibition that explores how objects or materials in the built-environment cause visceral, recollection-inducing reactions, creating a perceived closeness between two distant spatial locations. The exhibition was then presented at the end of the Architecture Biennale in November 2021.



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