'The Feelgood Factor' HTA feature in the RTPI Planner Magazine

The Feelgood Factor 

Employers are facing greater expectations that they will provide for staff wellbeing in the workplace. How does Planning fare? Serena Ralston finds out.

But are today's employees' demands for a workplace that supports their wellbeing unrealistic? Dr Riëtte Oosthuizen, who leads HTA Design LLP's planning team, says not. 

"We need to break down common perceptions that a concern about wellbeing has no place in a business aimed at making a profit. Investing in wellbeing adds extra operational costs but the benefits in terms of what you get back from a more positive attitude and staff satisfaction are substantial."

HTA received a commitment level award under the London Healthy Workplace Charter in November 2017 in recognition of its efforts relating to staff wellbeing, and it plans to renew this accreditation in 2020. The firm also holds the Investors in People accreditation. 

The Planner Magazine- February 2020

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