Filwood Park and Croydon Smaller Sites shortlisted in the Housing Design Awards

HTA are pleased to announced that we have been shortlisted in the Housing Design Awards for Filwood Park and Croydon Smaller Sites. 

Filwood Park housing is laid out around a park, providing new amenities for local people including a community hub, and improving the connections between Filwood Broadway and the wider public. A crescent of paired houses fronts onto the park with a formal avenue of trees laid out in front, giving a sense of enclosure to the open space. Lawns and space for sports and other activities are located in the largest areas, with the formal crescent avenue to one side and more natural tree groups and woodland planting to the other. The plant and tree species have all been chosen to create a naturalised and biodiverse landscape, providing a beautiful setting for local people and the native ecology, including a population of slow worms. The main connections are complemented by woodland paths and a natural play area is located at the centre of the park where these connections meet, and are overlooked by the housing. A sustainable urban drainage strategy is integrated into the landscape with swales located around the crescent boundary, and a wildlife pond at the lowest point which can provide water attenuation in times of high rainfall.

The Croydon Smaller Sites Project scheme consists of a number of smaller developments around the borough. Each site has a communal landscaped area that has been designed as integrated into the development by the lead architect for that package. As part of the first phase, as well as residential there will be one enlarged community centre, games court, play areas on each development and a new library or community space located at the ground floor of the scheme at Station Road. Brick by Brick worked collaboratively with the Local Planning Authority to devise a bespoke planning process to tie all of these applications into three tranches.

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