HTA contributes to NHBC report on MMC

HTA have contributed to an insightful report by the NHBC on MMC, Simon Bayliss informed this research by sharing expertise and project examples with our zero carbon scheme, Hanham Hall featured as one of the technical case studies.


An in-depth new NHBC Foundation report on how the role of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) has evolved within the house-building industry has just been released.

Prefabricated homes have been long-heralded as the future of house building; but if the arguments for homes to be manufactured like cars are so compelling, why is factory-built housing not more common?

That’s the question ‘Modern methods of construction: building on experience’ examines, by scrutinising notable periods of transformation in the industry and exploring the elements of design, as well as the social and economic influences, that fuel change.

The report also looks at the history of non-traditional housing through a range of different technologies and advancements since the 19th century and how builders and developers can harness technological advances to respond to the increasing demand for new homes.

In summary, NHBC’s Head of Standards, Innovation and Research, Richard Smith, said: “As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and come out of the EU, there is an opportunity to innovate. This new report looks at the best features of homes from the past to inform the homes of the future.

“We really hope that ‘Modern methods of construction: building on experience’ will ultimately be an enabler of change for the industry.”

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