HTA to host London Festival of Architecture event

The London Festival of Architecture is the world’s largest annual architecture festival. With an amazing programme of events and activities taking place right across London every June. This year, the design team at HTA Design, Berkeley Homes and London Wildlife Trust will take you on a tour of the 20 Acre Cator Park at the heart of Kidbrooke Village.

Housebuilders’ only care is to concrete over the landscape, right? Come to Cator Park on 19th of June and be amazed at just how wrong that misconception can be. When the late Tony Pidgley took on redevelopment of the Ferrier Estate, he directed his Berkeley Homes team to create a beautiful urban village with nature at its heart.

Created around an ancient but forgotten chalk stream, the park demonstrates how it is possible to design a place that cares equally for nature and humankind – hosting families and their children with a wonderful array of imaginative settings for play and recreation as well as spectacular biodiversity.

Have fun as you learn the secrets of how we can care for nature, enhance mental and physical wellbeing and create great beauty – with take-aways for the kids!

**The cost of your ticket price will buy you a Seedball from the London Wildlife Trust and HTA will match these contributions to help fundraise and support the Trust in their amazing work protecting wildlife across London.

Your Seedball will be a lovely collection of mostly purple, pink and blue flowers designed to attract butterflies to our gardens, balconies and window boxes and uses only flowers recommended by Butterfly Conservation. The tube contains about 600 seeds packed in to 12 balls of clay.

Buy your tickets here:

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