HTA introduce Danna Walker’s Inclusive Leadership Programme

HTA introduced a 3 part programme for all associates and partners to take part in Danna Walker’s Inclusive Leadership Programme. 

This programme was commissioned as part of our commitment to foster equality, inclusion and diversity within HTA. The leadership team wish to focus on growing their awareness and understanding on inequality with a particular focus on racial inequality. They will explore this topic, using case studies, learning sessions and discussion in order to develop a deeper knowledge of the barriers and enablers of fostering equity.

We received fantastic feedback from staff on the programme:

It was great to hear different perspectives and insights and to understand the impact (positive and negative) our speakers have had throughout their careers and to understand what can be done to actually make a difference and lead to positive change in the future.

I really like the way that Danna approaches delivering training sessions - it's an approachable way that draws in the participants. Danna is great as a facilitator, open, calm, attentive, asking the right questions and being genuinely interested in all discussions.

Individual experiences, all so very valuable, insightful and things we can learn so much from in order to know how best we can improve diversity within our practice and industry as a whole.

It was really helpful to gain insights into the panelists' experiences. It has emphasised the need for better engagement with schools, more role models and making our diverse organisation more visible to potential recruits, clients and communities where we work. Also more to be done with Universities to improve their awareness, understanding and support.

Danna has led three really thought-provoking and timely sessions, very insightful and helpful. Sessions were handled with a quiet calm that made the impact of the life stories and experience even  greater. Neatly weaving life experiences with solid practical advice.  Danna is a really great facilitator of discussions, drawing in the participants in a personal and calm space for everyone to feel comfortable in contributing to discussions.

Danna is highly adept at sharing insights and enlightening others on inclusive leadership.

The subject matter particularly relating to bias is of its nature challenging was communicated by Danna in a way that provoked reflection rather than reaction and therefore had maximum effect. I was very surprised by the depth in which the subject was explored and it allowed me to absorb it in a personally meaningful manner. I fully intend to refer to this in my future relationships with colleagues and collaborators and be mindful of listening and seeking understanding of context and personal viewpoints of others and how to best promote a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Danna comes across very well in the online sessions, very clear and eloquent, and creates an engaging atmosphere where teams can communicate with each other on difficult issues.

Danna is calm, clear and diplomatic. She listens to everyone’s viewpoints without judgment.  She creates a space to explore and reflect.  In some cases a hard hitting approach to EDI issues might be required, but if you want to go beyond an instant reaction and seek longer lasting impact and positive change, then Danna is a great facilitator to encourage that.

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