HTA introduce mandatory Anti-Racism training

HTA made anti-racism training compulsory for all staff, this programme has been commissioned as part of our commitment to foster equality, inclusion and diversity within HTA, with a specific focus on anti-racism in the workplace. We encourage everyone at HTA to be themselves and share different perspectives, experiences, lifestyles and cultures in a safe, supportive environment. The training was introduced as part of HTA's commitment to foster and embed equality, diversity and inclusion, we wish to focus on growing awareness and understanding on inequality with a particular focus on racial inequality.

The training focused on the below listed topics: 

  1. Institutional Racism
  2. Equality vs Equity
  3. What does race/ethnicity actually mean?
  4. Understanding the Black Lives Matter Movement
  5. Capitalizing the 'B' in Black (when talking about race)
  6. BAME or BIPOC - the problem with these terms
  7. Microaggression and racial gaslighting
  8. Cultural appropriation
  9. Intersectionality
  10. Recognising Bias
  11. Calling in/Calling out
  12. Understanding privilege and white privilege
  13. What is white fragility?
  14. Allyship and self-awareness – Know better, do better

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