HTA launch collaborative Bringing Nature Home web resource

HTA have launched our collaborative Bringing Nature Home web resource a site for professionals and public alike who share our passion to see humankind at one with the natural world. 

HTA are not alone in placing sustainability and landscape led design at the heart of our practice and as housing specialists, we saw an opportunity to bring together industry knowledge and resources to help us tackle the crisis of our collapsing biosphere. 

Our interdisciplinary practice and network will be exploring everything from policy to engagement through to design with regular updates being made to our Insights page.  We have carefully selected our first range of blogs including the creation of a bee hotel, the relevance of the Garden City Movement and the London Wildlife Trust’s exploration into the secret lives of swifts. 

We are open for contributions from anyone willing to share practical tips, key contact information, campaigns, volunteer activity or inspiring examples of success in creating or enriching biodiversity. We hope you enjoy our diverse range of blog posts, videos, and advertising for events. 

We hope you will join us in creating a network that can play a part in transforming our work in designing, building and maintaining the built environment, and the neighbourhoods in which we live in particular, so that we can restore the damage done to nature before it is too late. 

Please head over to our contact page and share your insights with us today. Together let’s grow this resource to illustrate how we can truly keep Bringing Nature Home! 


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