HTA Shortlisted in the Inside Housing Development Awards

HTA have successfully been shortlisted in the Inside Housing Development Awards 2019. 

Savoy Circus (Vision Modular) - Best approach to modular construction

The construction of the Savoy Circus scheme successfully repaired the urban grain in this area by occupying a plot which has been vacant for 20 years. The design sits sympathetically within the conservation context and provides local residents with the opportunity to remember the previous building on the site. The development consists in 306 student housing units. Student social space, a cafe, administration and student accommodation are found at entry level and provide an active frontage. The basement provides further student social space, gym, laundry and bike storage and opens towards a landscaped courtyard.

Architectural details include corbelled brick corners, reconstituted stone window surrounds and glazed brickwork. The material palette has been influenced by the immediate context and draws on the prominence of red and London Stock brick in the area.

Prime Place, Cheshunt (Jarvis Contracting Ltd) - Market sale development of the year 

Creating a new neighbourhood on surplus school grounds enabled Cheshunt School to build up to date facilities. HTA designed 88 homes across a masterplan that responds directly to its site constraints and has a legible street pattern with its own sense of place. The resulting development has been heralded by the Local Planning Authority as an  exemplar for new housing in Cheshunt, and has proved to have strong kerb appeal with purchasers.

A pair of gateway apartment buildings marks the entrance to the neighbourhood with a crescent of houses radiating around a landscaped amenity space. The street hierarchy supports a range of 7 house types with a palette of materials that gives each street its own character and identity. 

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