HTA's Richard Foxley on New Year Honours List

Richard Foxley is on the New Year Honours list for services to the NHS and has won the British Empire Medal. An outstanding achievement! Have a read of our news story from April which was also featured in the Architects' Journal

Richard comments below:

“This is not really something I ever imagined that I’d be writing about, but sure enough 2020 has been a strange year, and before it bows out, there’s one last twist in the tale for me...

At the start of this years lockdown, looking for a way to help, I helped launch and run a collaborative campaign called The Industry Prints with the objective of delivering 3D printed PPE directly to frontline staff in the #NHS. I was amazed at the goodwill and generosity of all the fantastic individuals, organisations and companies that jumped on-board to help without hesitation, which meant that in the end, we delivered thousands of protective visors to hospitals across the country. It felt like a small drop in such a massive pandemic, but a drop nonetheless and so something that felt like one of the most worthwhile things I’ve done

Seems like someone else agreed as, somewhat unbelievably, I find myself on the 2021 New Years Honours List for services to the NHS, and the recipient of a British Empire Medal. Jaw on the floor, mind blown!!

Like anything of any scale that’s worth doing, you can’t do these things by yourself and the best results come through collaboration, so I unquestionably want to share this with every single person that helped along the way and I have a LOT of thank-you’s to make. Should keep me busy for most of 2021!!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to The Industry Prints as a designer, printer, material supplier, logistics partner, supporter, advice giver and everything else that went long with it. We all made a difference and we couldn’t have done it without working together. An especially big shoutout to all the Partners and all my colleagues at @htadesignllp who didn’t hesitate to support and encourage the idea, donating their printers, materials, resources, time and connections to help it succeed!

@htadesignllp #HOKLondon #RIBA #SHIELD #Heroes #MedSupplyDrive #ContractorsAppeal #NEAD #Makerversity #DoSomeGood #N3DPS #Hobs3D #WomenIn3DPrinting #collaboration”

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