NLQ's 40 best ideas to improve London

New London Quarterly asked for 40 of the best ideas to improve London, sketched on napkins, HTA had three ideas picked - Zero Carbon London, The Thames Floating Garden & Sinclair C6.

Zero Carbon London

London’s built footprint should remain contained within the present GLA boundary. But its ‘travel to work area’, within which 75% of the population both live and work (dotted line), extends into the green belt. For London to achieve sustainable well-being for its growing population, and net zero carbon, the area of governance and planning for the capital should take in that part of the home Counties lying within the green belt and a new relationship with nearby satellite towns. The primary function of the green belt should change from a constraint on development to a diverse, pleasurable green lung.

Thames Floating Gardens

The floating garden concept envisions a 21st Century adaptation of the successful Victoria Embankment and South Bank. It aims to deliver a publicly-accessible, south-facing Riverwalk linking the City of London to Canary Wharf in areas without riverfront access.

The incremental approach will initially see urban piers re-linking existing neighbourhoods to the River Thames. A series of co-designed floating gardens will be introduced over time linking neighbourhood piers. Each floating garden will provide community, civic and cultural uses within a distinct planted landscape. The ever-evolving project will promote walking, interaction and new ways of engaging with our river.

Sinclar C6

The Sinclair C5 was 30 years ahead of its time. Both the technologies and the infrastructure necessary for success now exist. The Sinclair C6 is the answer to sustainable mobility in London. The monocoque is carbon fibre with titanium mounting points for front and rear suspension. It’s a comfortable ride. Pedal power is still available but battery technology is now a lightweight rechargeable power pack at the rear. Wheels are larger, to absorb shocks, and a four speed hub gear is incorporated in a hollow titanium drive shaft transferring power to both rear wheels via universal joints.

All drawn by our illustrator Nerea Bermejo.

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