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Padnall Lake, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham

Modular affordable homes designed for off-site manufacturing, set within an existing open space

Be First’s vision for Padnall Lake was developed through creative engagement with the local community, the technical and design team, the local authority and wider stakeholders.

The proposed vision is to create an extension to Marks Gate where people and nature come together, enhancing the quality of open space available to the wider community, and delivering new affordable homes responding to the local constraints. This developed neighbourhood will be a place for biodiversity, play, for walks, sports and cycling, in a much-improved environment. And, the modular design for off-site manufacturing and assembly will significantly speed up delivery of the new homes, minimise local disruption and further enhance sustainability. Be First’s Masterplan proposals for the Padnall Lake Site are for the construction of up to 300 new affordable homes, two supporting community spaces and a new public open space with outstanding visual and ecological qualities accessible to the entire Mark’s Gate community.

The Masterplan has been designed to respond well to a highly constrained site with environmental issues such as noise and pollution, and to respect the adjacent properties and the existing mature trees. The Architecture has been designed to respond sympathetically to the local context inheriting its positive attributes while bringing new qualities of detailing and construction to the area. The Landscape spaces have been created to deliver biodiversity gain, amenity and play and require low maintenance over time. This masterplan, with its architecture and landscape components will offer a sense of place and identity, and create a new sustainable Padnall Lake for the entire community.

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