Two shortlists for the Planning Awards 2022

HTA Planning Team has been shortlisted for Planning consultancy of the year. 

Our Planning team’s ethos is to create great places, and this same golden thread is running throughout the work which the team undertakes.

We are a diverse group of experts in design and specialise in residential-led regeneration and infill projects, augmented by research and thought leadership. We are known for going above and beyond to support clients and the communities and are thought leaders in many ground-breaking areas of planning and housing delivery: social value in the design process, suburban intensification, Modern Methods of Construction, extensive scale regeneration, housing delivery by SME's and local authority led housing within and out of London.

We achieve this through a deep understanding of how good planning and design can have long-term positive impacts and contribute to social value. Our team has adaptable capabilities in working at the forefront of some of the most challenging housing delivery models, including modular construction, regeneration, and infill development across various planning stages and scales.

In addition, we believe that there must be a meaningful action on the climate emergency. This core value is integrated into their everyday work, where they advise on and encourage zero-carbon solutions, including modular construction and sustainable infill development. Our team works alongside others to maximise environmental benefits through these methods, reporting on the most effective use of land or mix of services to ensure good urban health outcomes; or securing green spaces and biodiversity improvements.

Naked House, Enfield has been shortlisted in the affordable housing category

Naked House is a highly innovative scheme that will allow first-time buyers to buy 22 genuinely affordable for-sale homes. The development that The London Borough of Enfield supports will create a sense of community, the provision of a community garden and beautifully designed contextual and sustainable homes. More importantly, unlike most available dwellings, these homes will allow residents to custom fit their homes. In addition, the design of the proposed homes is highly sensitive, relates well to the surrounding context, and is a modern interpretation of the existing built fabric. The homes also achieve high standards of sustainable design and construction.

The Naked House homes are designed to come with few finishes, fittings or partitions (i.e. the 'naked state'). This will allow residents to create better homes suited to their needs and tap into the DIY spirit of Londoners. The houses are also designed for low-cost and allow for easy expansion and adaptation as the residents' needs change. The scheme will allow most units to be developed in the future as households grow without residents being displaced from their communities. Many of the dwellings will be able to expand from 1-bedroom units (1b2p) into larger family-sized houses (3b6p). The Naked House will provide residents with the agency to create lifelong homes and to set roots.

The award winners will be announced at the live Planning Awards showcase on the 9th June at the Mermaid Theatre in London. Fingers crossed!

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