Ameena Al-Samarae

BA (Hons) Interior Design

Interior Lead

With over six years’ experience, Ameena specialises in residential design having worked on projects throughout the UK and Internationally.

She is well versed in the entire design cycle, working from initial layouts and concept design through to detailed design and material specification. Her previous projects to working for HTA include; Kings Road Park (St William), The Brentford Project (Ballymore) KX-S4 (Argent).

At HTA, she is currently working on modular design projects for student accommodation at Gants Hill and 101 George Street for Greystar/Tide, designing amenity and communal spaces, and overseeing the delivery of Capital Quarter in Cardiff for Grainger. She is setting out the standards and processes for which the interior design team benchmark all of the projects to ensure a consistently high approach, appropriate for each audience.

Ameena has excellent technical knowledge of products and their specification and extremely high quality aspirations for delivering residential projects. She specialises in taking the key aspects of each project and pairing them with the end user to create a project narrative from which all the design is derived.

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