Andrea Gargallo-Manota

Architect, ARB


Andrea joined the HTA in August 2018, and primarily worked during the last year on pre-planning stages of several sites with a focus on suburban housing. She was trained as an Architect in Spain, in the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Valencia. In 2018, she decided to move to the UK and she registered with the ARB after transferring her EU qualifications.

Prior to joining HTA, Andrea has worked as an Architect in a practice based in Valencia, collaborating on a variety of heritage buildings and urban regeneration projects. She has also co-developed several workshops and engagement processes to regenerate the historic city centres and has collaborated in art installations, exploring the relation between the local identity and design communication. 

Andrea has been involved in many bids and suburban projects, leading on the recently consented scheme, Zones O&P, Beaulieu Park, where she has introduced an innovative 1-bedroom house concept.

As an Architect, Andrea is currently working on a new bespoke solution to provide purpose-built temporary accommodation in Croydon, improving the council’s services provision to offer homeless households in need with a greater support network with on-site support facilities.

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