Caitlin Dawson

MSc Landscape architecture

Landscape Architect

Caitlin works with the landscape architecture team based in Edinburgh. Her role as a landscape architect sees her working on a variety of project stages from the conceptual design stage through to detailed design. Caitlin is also looking forward to learning more on the 3D modelling side of design and advancing her rendering techniques.

Caitlin graduated from The University of Edinburgh with masters in Landscape architecture where she focused her final year projects on materiality and how it can influence how people use and interact with the landscape. She also has a lot of interest in children playscape and how it is changing from the traditional model to create more open and challenging spaces that benefit the children.  Immediately after graduating Caitlin worked for four months at a Glasgow based landscape architects where she was involved in a variety of projects ranging from an Eco village-housing scheme to a contemporary walled gin garden.

Since working at HTA Caitlin has focused her time on the design and render of the masterplan for Prospect Ring which is going for planning stage and the design of three roof terrace gardens for Aylesbury Estate.  

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