Delaram Nabidoost



After completing her undergraduate degree at London Metropolitan University, Dela joined HTA in September 2018 as a part 1 Architectural assistant. Before studying architecture, Dela did a degree in Hydraulic engineering. However, her passion for communities and the Architects’ complex role in our societies led her to change her profession.

Since starting at HTA, Dela has worked on several projects ranging from pre-planning, planning and post-planing stages of work varying between 40-600 homes. However, her main two projects are the Lakes Estate development in Milton Keynes and the regeneration of Chelsea Court.

Following her first year at HTA, Dela joined the Level 7 Architect Degree Apprenticeship MArch / PGDip programme to become a fully qualified Architect. Her interest in innovation, climate crisis and politics played a huge role in her choice of studios and Postgraduate dissertation topic in which she discussed the promotion of innovation, environmental benefits and the potential role of modular construction in the post-pandemic UK housing recovery plan.

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