Delaram Nabidoost

Architectural Assistant Part I

Dela joined HTA in September 2018 after completing her Part 1 at London Metropolitan University. Since starting at HTA, Dela has worked on three main projects; The regeneration of the Ravensbury Estate in Mitcham, The Lakes Estate development in Milton Keynes, and the regeneration of Chelsea Court.

Before studying architecture, Dela did a degree in Hydraulic engineering. However, her passion for communities and the architects’ complex role in our societies led her to change her profession.

She is currently completing an Apprenticeship Level 7 at London Southbank Univeristy to become fully qualified while working full time at HTA. As a member of the sustainability forum at HTA and due to her intrest in sustability and politics, Dela is undertaking her proposal research with the focus on the Climate Change and London’s Planning Legislation.

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