Diogo Real

BArch, MArch, ARB

Senior Architect

Diogo joined HTA in April 2018 and has since been working as a project architect for the Wiltern and the Rex, two build to rent schemes comprising of approximately 200+ homes and complemented with gyms, lounges and external landscaped areas. The Wiltern has been granted planning consent in April 2020.

Diogo was part of the team responsible for the delivery of Southall Waterside - Phase C, a mix tenure development in LB Ealing comprising of circa 500 homes and of the team which produced the tender documentation for a Pocket scheme on a TfL site in LB Barnet comprising of 86 homes. Diogo has also briefly worked on Gascoigne and Joyce and Snells Estate regeneration through master planning and capacity studies.

As a project architect Diogo also worked on Padnall Lake, Marks Gate Estate, during concept and early planning stages, comprising circa 250 modular homes. This project involved extensive community engagement through public consultation events and residents and local school workshops. These activities not only approximated the community to the project but also helped shape the proposals by ensuring the incorporation of the resident’s aspirations thus ensuring the longevity of the project.

Before joining HTA, Diogo worked for Jan Kattein Architects where he led several innovative community-based and urban development projects for various local authorities. These projects involved the coordination between the GLA, local businesses, residents, construction companies, makers and other designers. Each project endeavoured to strengthen the identity, safety and local economy of the surrounding area. Working through all stages, Diogo gained experience in the delivery of high impact physical improvements on restricted budgets. At JKA, Diogo was also involved in several other projects across the residential sector, both for private clients, faith groups or housing associations including the Whitecross Street housing project for Peabody.

Diogo studied at the Porto School of Architecture and the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow. His Master’s Thesis entitled “Time, City and Architecture: from Mat-building to Mat-urbanism” was awarded a distinction in Porto.

The Wiltern, LB Ealing - As a project architect, Diogo worked on a build to rent development comprising 278 homes including 1, 2 and 3-bed apartments. The scheme was designed to be a bold statement of positive change in the Perivale area, whilst avoiding harm to the heritage status of the Art Deco masterpiece - the Hoover Building. The project was developed in consultation with the LB of Ealing, the GLA and Historic England, and all parties have worked closely on the updated plans. The design, detailing and materiality of the proposed building reference the architecture of the iconic Hoover building, which lies to the south of the site. The building’s elevation and sweeping curves take cues from the Art Deco era, with strong horizontal bands of white glazed brick and alternating bands of terracotta panels and glazing.

Finsbury Park High St. & Visual Merchandising Improvement, LB Islington, Haringey & Hackney - As a project architect, Diogo implemented and coordinated a tri-borough shop front improvement project, realising works and providing branding coaching for 30 local businesses across the Finsbury Park area. Underlying individual approaches to each shop, Diogo worked to improve the night-time environment through the removal of roller shutters and implementing well-lit proposals.

Market Place Sutton Regeneration Project, LB Sutton - As a project architect, Diogo worked with local shopkeepers, residents, the local market and other designers to propose a series of interventions to enliven the northern end of Sutton High Street. Through events and workshops, local traders and residents were able to contribute to the design development. In the end, a comprehensive package of works delivered shop front improvements, facade colour schemes, alleyway paving and lighting, gable murals, public furniture, tree planting & three entrepreneurs’ kiosks.

Stamford Hill Area Action Plan Evidence Base, LB Hackney, awarded a London Planning Award 2015-2016 - As an architectural assistant, Diogo was involved in on-site surveying and feasibility studies through the use of innovative housing typologies for over 80 sites across Stamford Hill. This piece of work has been implemented into Hackney’s planning documentation.

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