Fiona Estwick

Architectural Assistant Part II

Fiona joined HTA’s Edinburgh team in October 2017 as a Part II Architectural Assistant.

Prior to joining HTA, Fiona undertook her architectural education at the University of Edinburgh where she completed her postgraduate degree, graduating with Merit. Her final degree project, based in Athens investigates a suburban intervention providing a town of emergency housing for refugees that is designed to be used and integrated with the suburban community over time. The project presented a propositional engagement of mediating refugees and Greek residents to the change in both their urban and social environment while proposing integration and the importance of community as its importance in the progression of a site, as a new approach to development.

Fiona undertook her Bachelors at Carleton University in Canada where she obtained a degree in Architectural Studies: Major in Conservation and Sustainability. The degree sparked her interest in regarding design in the context of heritage buildings and understanding the best practice to respect historical values.

Fiona has worked on conservation projects in Canada as a site recording analyst where she worked on updating and reproducing lost drawings of a church, library and historic Ottawa house. Fiona worked on producing insightful documentation and critical analysis using a range of recording techniques by such work guides decision - making for property owners, site managers, public officials and conservators.

Fiona is currently working on Phase 1 of the Winstanley and York Road Estate Regeneration Project and Camberwell Union.

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