Luke Davies

BSc in Architectural Design, MArch in Archite

Senior Architect

Luke is a project architect at HTA who has worked on several of the larger high-density estate regeneration projects across the practice over the last four years. In addition, he is one of the leaders of the office’s BIM group & central to the implementation & improvement of BIM usage across the practice. He has also periodically organised fellow co-workers into attending life drawing classes, to help improve drawing skills within the practice, & taken part in the construction of a new structure for an adventure playground in Tottenham along with other members of HTA & Beyond Boundaries.

Luke worked at a couple of small practices prior to HTA where, as a part 1, he ran small projects such as residential extensions, listed building applications, one off houses, sustainable housing projects & small community buildings. He also helped set up, fundraise & design a community garden/public space outside an art centre in Cardiff.

Luke has worked on several major projects at HTA including: Barnet College (working drawings); Winstanley & York Road Estate Regeneration (planning design); Ealing Garage Sites (planning design); Ebury Bridge Estate (planning design); and various bids & competitions. However, his longest involvement has been on the Aylesbury Estate First Development Site, where he has gone from initial design of the high-rise blocks as a part II to being project architect for three of the six blocks at tender stage.

Luke is currently working on amendments to the Aylesbury Estate FDS developing standardised office workflows for BIM for both RIBA Workstages 0-3 and 4-5.

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