Lydia Eglington

BA (Hons), MSc Urban Design and City Planning

Assistant Planner

Lydia’s role is to assist the senior members of the planning team with projects. Lydia also keeps up to date with planning system changes and shares any changes with her team. Her expertise is in social housing, stemming from a previous career working for a housing association in various roles, has enabled her to contribute well on affordable house projects. Lydia is particularly knowledgeable about planning requirements for housing developments alongside community engagement.

Lydia joined the practice in July 2021 and has worked on a range of projects across London, including infill, local authority, affordable housing and large scale co-living developments. At HTA, Lydia has worked on a range of projects from small infill developments to large tower block developments.

Lydia's key skills:

  • Ability to depict planning constraints and opportunities for complex sites
  • Ability to apply planning policy and an understanding of the planning system in order to offer advice to clients
  • Strong organisational skills- support senior planning team members with ongoing projects
  • Ability to maintain healthy relationships with colleagues and clients through regular communication and maintaining authentic
  • Ability to track complex programmes and ensure tight schedules are kept to

Lydia has been working on:

  • Naked House, Enfield. This is a complex project involving the infill development on three council owned sites. Naked House is trying to change the housing market through offering an alternative affordable housing product. The homes are sold in their ‘naked’ state, however planning permission has been sought for the homes in their expandable state. Lydia assisted with producing the planning statements for all three sites alongside coordinating meetings with stakeholders. 
  • Kidbrooke Park Road, Kidbrooke. Lydia is currently involved in producing the planning application for the energy centre that will provide heating and hot water to homes as part of Phases 1 and 2 of Kidbrooke Park Road redevelopment. Her contribution also includes tracking the planning programme and managing key documents as part of the application.
  • Mayfield, Lewisham Homes. Lydia is assisting with the planning application for Mayfield Court on behalf of Lewisham Homes.
  • Elderton Road, Lewisham Homes. Lydia is assisting with the discharge of planning conditions for Elderton Road on behalf of Lewisham Homes. 
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