Michael Salathiel

Architectural Technology BSc ACIAT

Assistant Technologist (BIM Specialist)

Mike began working at HTA in March 2014 as Junior Technologist and a new member of the BIM team. Since then he has worked on a range of projects covering all stages of development, whilst also integrating new BIM strategies and technologies into these stages. Mike has contributed to overall implementation of BIM into the practice and has developed and improved upon the current BIM standards at HTA.

Mike began his career working for Michael Cunningham Architects in Liverpool on a range of commercial and residential projects in the North West. From this he gained experience in Building information modelling which he carries through into his work today.

Mike has previously worked on the following significant projects:

Mulberry Park - BIM specialist to help in delivering the planning application using BIM.

Barnet College - Delivering of planning project and taking through in delivering the construction information on site.

Aylesbury Regeneration - Delivery of tender information using BIM.

Gabriel Square - Updating of construction information required by on site team. Responding to site queries.

Currently Mike is working with Barratt London to deliver the final stages of Trinity Square in Barnet, North London. He has been aiding the site teams with day to day queries and construction updates.

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