Tara McCaughey


Senior Chartered Landscape Architect

Tara is a Senior Chartered Landscape Architect with 8 years’ experience in the design and delivery of projects in UK, Europe, South Africa and Middle East. She previously worked for HTA for 4 years from 2015-2018 and has re-joined as a senior member of the team in January 2021. She is currently managing the day-to-day management on an assortment of projects such as Milton Keynes, Joyce and Snells Regeneration and Greenford Green.

Tara initially gained a degree in Architecture in 2010. After gaining some experience in a Landscape Architecture practice she undertook her master’s in Landscape Architecture at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Before joining HTA, Tara worked at Earthworks Landscape Architects based in Cape Town working on mixed use projects across Africa, including Nigeria and Mozambique. In her previous four years at HTA she worked on key large-scale projects such as South Quay Plaza and Kidbrooke Village. Tara worked for Gustafson Porter + Bowman for 2 years from 2018-2020 where she gained experience on a number of international design competitions and high-profile projects within Europe and South East Asia.

Tara is responsible for the coordination of Milton Keynes East, a large scale residential project featuring a new 60 hectare district park centred around the River Ouzel and focused on creating a series of new wetland habitats. She is involved in the day-to-day coordination, technical development and submission of planning proposals.

Currently she is responsible for the technical design and coordination for numerous phases of the Greenford Quay Development, which includes public realm, a playground and podium courtyards.

For Joyce and Snells regeneration Tara is leading the landscape team to produce relevant design and technical material for planning submission and relevant pre-application meetings.

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