Tim Crowther

BA (Hons) in Architectural Studies, B Arch, A

Partner, Head of Technical Design

Since joining the practice in 1985 Tim has specialised in the technical aspects of architecture, including detailed design, production information and contract administration on a wide range of residential developments to achieve the design intent. His current role is to foster a culture of technical design excellence at HTA, to set the standard for delivery of quality and to manage processes so that HTA’s designs meet our clients’ technical design objectives.

Tim leads a team of senior Technical Directors who are allocated to advise on the technical aspects of project design from inception through to completion. This includes advising project leaders and their staff on how to establish and achieve the client’s technical objectives and legislative compliance relevant to each work stage, providing exemplars, and advising on detailing, specification and buildability. Tim takes part in weekly technical reviews of projects at key stages, ensuring that best practice advice is given to project leaders and that lessons learnt are fed back to design and delivery staff across the practice.

Tim wrote the practice’s Project Quality Plan, a detailed adaptation of the RIBA Plan of Work to guide Project Leaders through the intricacies of designing and delivering residential developments which meet the client’s objectives, aspirations and budget. The structured way of working facilitated by the Project Quality Plan is instrumental to HTA’s quality assurance to ISO 9001.

Training and continuous professional development are key to ensuring technical competence and Tim plays a major part monitoring and developing the technical design skills of HTA staff through evaluation and provision of appropriate CPD, selected from the RIBA’s core curriculum. Tim also provides masterclasses on detailing, specification, designing for fire safety, professional practice, minimising risks to health and safety on site and compliance with designer’s and principal designer’s duties under CDM 2015.

Prior to his current role of championing technical design excellence across the practice Tim specialised in detailing, specification, job running and contract administration through to handover for a wide range of residential projects, including both small and large scale newbuild schemes and also refurbishments ranging from small listed properties through estate regeneration of medium rise inter-war flats to the overcladding of 1960s high rise blocks.

His many years of experience and success in delivering the technical aspects of architecture enable him to know what needs to be done to achieve high quality buildings and places that work for our clients and the end users.

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