Tobias Corry

MArch Architecture, BA (Hons) Architecture

Architectural Assistant (Part II)

Tobias’ expertise is in assisting with the architectural expression, layouts and overall design narrative of building typologies ranging from terrace houses to high rises. He is particularly concerned with sensitive design that integrates with the local vernacular and demographic, informed by resident engagement.

Tobias joined HTA as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant in 2020 after completing his Masters in Architecture at the University of Manchester and Bachelors at the University of Cambridge. He has experience in the early RIBA design stages, defining concepts for urban-centre co-living schemes and build to rent projects within a larger master planning context. His role requires continuous communication with the client team as well as the internal urban design, landscape and sustainability teams to produce designs that are both desirable and viable.

Tobias' key skills:

  • Ability to use a wide range of technologies to visualise schemes for the benefit of the client and the public 
  • Ability to produce clear and concise presentations through structured documents and simplified diagrams 
  • Ability to contribute strong concepts to critical design discussions that inform the architectural expression and layouts of a scheme
  • Ability to communicate within a larger design team of internal and external consultants

Tobias is currently working on:

The Rex, Kingston, London. The Rex is a co-living scheme providing 202 new homes in a prominent location adjacent to Kingston train station. The scheme reuses elements of the existing structure on site as well as retains the retail activity on the ground. Tobias aided in the layouts of the communal spaces, the design of the external materiality and massing and in the production of packages for other design consultants.

Joyce and Snell’s Park Estate, Edmonton, London. This scheme comprises an outline application of around 2000 new homes alongside a newly-established vertical park and a further application that develops three blocks in detail. Tobias contributed to the development of the guiding principles and architectural expression of the three detailed blocks which continuously evolved with regular design team meetings.

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