25-33 Parkhouse Street
Joseph Homes
Planning authority
London Borough of Southwark
Architecture, Landscape, Planning and Communications

This development site at 25-33 Parkhouse Street presents an exceptional opportunity to deliver a truly mixed use scheme in a unique location overlooking one of South London’s largest open spaces, Burgess Park.

The Applicant and Design Team have approached this site with a unique understanding of the site’s importance in relation to the Park and its role in delivering a new green link to connect to the Park that will be one of the key moves in unlocking the industrial land along Parkhouse Street to create a more mixed use community.

This will enable under-utilised light industrial sites to be developed with a mix of residential and  commercial uses, whilst ensuring no net loss of employment space on this site. Throughout the design development process, The Applicant and Design Team have developed proposals for this site within the emerging context of surrounding sites, ensuring that our proposals not only complement but actively seek to enhance how these sites work together to create a creative quarter to the south of the park.

The existing site is currently occupied by a single storey, low quality, light industrial building  surrounded by hard standing providing car parking for the building’s occupiers. The application proposes a new sustainable, energy efficient scheme that will provide 108 new homes, a policy compliant mix of affordable housing - delivering 35% affordable housing by habitable room, with a tenure split of 25% affordable rent and 10% intermediate, a reduction of 83% carbon emission against Part L1A of the Building Regulations 2013, in excess of the 35% required within the London Plan.

The development is public realm led, delivering the concept of pulling the ecological benefits and green character of the park through to the existing poor quality streetscape of Parkhouse Street and, creating a new street frontage onto Parkhouse Street.

The architectural appearance of the development has been designed to reflect the historic and the emerging future industrial context, responding to the past, the existing and future emerging character of the area. A gridded, formal, brick based architectural approach forms the basis for the three well designed, considered and robust buildings that combine to create the building massing that steps from a seven storey shoulder height on Parkhouse Street to an eleven storey marker on the park edge where the green link adjoins the park.

The massing of the scheme has been fully considered in terms of its impact in long views across the park, how it enhances the streetscape and how it impacts on daylight, sunlight and overshadowing with the primary massing stepping from seven to nine to seven to eleven to eight storeys to not only create a visually interesting and broken down skyline profile and silhouette, but also to enable roof terraces to be formed between the two taller elements of massing.

Cognisant of the ecological benefits and encouraged biodiversity of the park, the Green Link will extend a green biodiverse corridor from the park into Parkhouse Street, complemented by green intensive and extensive roofs that provide amenity for all residents and play provision. Additional play areas are located within the green link to encourage wider community participation with the green link and the Park.

25-33 Parkhouse Street will deliver a policy compliant mixed use scheme bringing together exceptionally designed workspace that will define and create a new, regenerated, exciting, park side living and working environment.

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