Accra Housing
Accra, Ghana
Clifton Homes
Planning authority
City of Accra

This competition submission for a mixed-use development on an important site in Accra gave HTA the chance to consider how their design principles they believe in might translate to a sub Saharan climate.

We believe our developments should contribute to their surroundings, but we rarely deal with such contrasts: the surrounding roads are unmade and many of the dwellings are of very poor quality, and are certainly nothing like the scale we were proposing. The brief was mixed use, with commercial office space, retail, and residential accommodation.

We turned the commercial and retail accommodation to face the existing neighbourhood with the residential behind. In this way the layout deals with security, a key local concern, without the need for prominent barriers, security guards and fences.  The residential accommodation is double banked, with half facing the sea and half facing the mountains. This avoids evening or morning sun penetration and reflects the key views from the site.

Our submission was well received although a South African practice were successful in the competition.

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