Allen Court
Notting Hill Genesis
89 new homes
Planning authority
London Borough of Ealing

Redevelopment of the existing 60’s housing estate at Allen Court Ealing has proved to be a demonstration of how good urban design and well considered townscape can add value to facilitate regeneration.  It is also an excellent advertisement for the benefits of mutual trust and effective collaboration between stakeholders in complex redevelopment projects of this kind.

For some reason, lost in history, the existing built form of Allen Court has an oddly haphazard relationship with the surrounding townscape; suburban streets, pocket park and a railway line to the north.  The partners to the regeneration project agreed with HTA that a land-swap would enable the elements of the project to come up to much more than the sum of its parts.

As a result, a stunning range of mixed tenure housing now all addresses a south facing aspect with a prospect overlooking the re-landscaped park.  All homes of whatever tenure enjoy the benefits of a much more logical disposition of development where the new accommodation also serves to shield a high quality residential and local leisure environment from the noise and visual intrusion of the railway which will be concealed, along with parking and servicing, to the north.

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