Cambridge Triangle
Taylor Wimpey
Planning authority
Cambridge City Council

This significant site near Cambridge Station, bounded by large industrial or commercial use buildings to the north/east and housing to the west, has been identified for housing in Cambridge City Council’s Station Road Action Plan.

The public realm has been designed to merge harmoniously with the proposed masterplan for the wider area. A large grassed quadrangle facing the station will ultimately allow cyclists and pedestrians to access the station directly across the site.

Tree lined streets and sensitively planted parking mews provide safe walkable streets that are well overlooked by adjoining residences.

The generous amenity of large balcony space designed into every flat is further complimented by a formal communal garden at the centre of the scheme. A striking colonnade of geldistsia trees south of the main building elevation provide light summer shading (thus reducing solar gain) to the flats whist allowing views out into the garden.

The new mixed use development seeks to maximise density on the well-located site, offering 1 and 2 bedroom flats for sale and affordable rent, with 0.75 % car parking and 200% bicycle parking facilities. Design quality is a strong driver on this scheme, and we are using a palette of natural materials such as brick and timber. All homes have some private outside space, with balconies to all upper floor flats. A public right of way runs through the site, providing a route for pedestrians and cyclists and defining the boundary of the main blocks. A lower row of flats runs along one side of the triangle, with two higher blocks of apartments forming the corner to the site and enclosing private communal gardens. A smaller block overlooks a communal open space which will link in to future development.

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