Clapham Park Newbuild
Clapham Park Homes
70 flats and Commercial
Planning authority
London Borough of Lambeth

HTA has been involved in the Clapham Park Regeneration Project in the London Borough of Lambeth since 2007. The masterplan proposal for the Heritage Quarter sets out the refurbishment for 700 homes with small infill sites identified for new development. Together with Clapham Park Homes and Durkan Limited, HTA are delivering a comprehensive refurbishment programme, including internal modernisation, new lifts and secure entrances for the retained blocks and associated environmental improvements to the external areas with the aim to create an attractive sustainable urban living environment.

The external areas have been reviewed in relation to access arrangements, parking requirements and relevant open space standards and redesigned to create desirable and inclusive spaces that encourage activity and strengthen the sense of community for current and future residents. Increasing security and safety within the estate was a key consideration within the design process and has been addressed in parts by increasing overlooking, providing secure front boundaries and a comprehensive lighting strategy. Resident consultation has been a large part of the project to date, with existing residents taking part in the decision making process. The management and maintenance requirements of the estate and works implemented has also been considered with the relevant stakeholders to ensure the on-going success of the regeneration.

Building H4 & H5 replace two existing 1960s blocks as part of the wider Clapham Park Masterplan to regenerate a large area of substandard pre-war housing in the London Borough of Lambeth. The development provides high quality housing and services reconnecting people to the open space and supporting community interaction. The project provides 70 affordable and private residential flats over two buildings with commercial on the ground level of building H5. The layout of the buildings and landscaping was driven by the desire to encourage activity and generate a sense of community.

The design features high levels of daylight, underground refuse bins and bike storage with-in the flats. In particular the brickwork has been thoughtfully considered to relate to the local context and provide a lasting and durable appearance that will become a benchmark for future development in the area.

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