Croydon Smaller Sites Programme
Brick by Brick (London Borough of Croydon)
191 homes across 2 planning tranches
Planning authority
London Borough of Croydon
Winner, Housing Design Award – Project: Croydon Small Sites 2018
Winner, AJ Architecture Awards: Masterplanning – Croydon Small Sites Programme 2018
Finalist, Inside Housing Development Award: Best affordable housing development (rural and suburban) – Croydon Small Sites 2017

As part of Brick by Brick's ambitious programme of infill development across the borough to deliver up to 1,000 homes by 2020 HTA have designed mixed tenure infill housing on Council-owned unused garage and infill sites across five estates in Croydon.

50% of the 190 homes will be affordable with a range of flats and houses. Residents on the estates have been consulted through the design process, and will benefit from improved car parking, new play areas, tree planting and other landscape improvements.

The scheme demonstrates that by thinking creatively about the design approach to the single programme we can create imaginative and viable schemes which have far reaching. 

HTA are part of a number of architects working on delivering this programme. HTA's proposal for the Ravensdale site at the heart of this Upper Norwood estate, 15 two and three storey houses are proposed in neat low terraces which have been integrated with the network of footpaths, car parking and green spaces whilst maintaining views through the estate.

On the outskirts of the estate a landmark building of 16 new apartments is proposed featuring alternate brick colouring detail and a decorative banding feature to demarcate this key corner on Beulah Hill. A central doorstep play space is a key feature of the proposals giving local children a safe place to play, surrounded by new tree planting and seating. 

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