Dee Park
Catalyst Housing Group
Planning authority
Reading Borough Council

Transforming this large 1960s Radburn layout estate at Dee Park, Reading. The existing blocks of flats that blight the area will be demolished to make way for 763 new, high quality homes, 281 for affordable rent and 482 for private sale. A revitalised centre, with new Extra Care building, new community

and youth facilities, new shops and a new extended primary school also form part of the regeneration scheme. Extensive landscape design of the 33 ha site will benefit all residents and provide new private and communal green space, play facilities and improved parking areas.

This has been a community-led regeneration project from the outset. A residents’ action group, CRAG, was formed before the competitive dialogue commenced in 2005, and we have worked through the bidding stages, preferred bidder and now in project delivery in close consultation with this core group, as well as the residents of Dee Park. 

We also had extensive dialogue with RBC planning, and other officers including urban design, landscape and highways. Local Councilors were very supportive of the process and helped residents see the bigger picture, and brought a representative view from the wider area.

Dee Park had a poor reputation for many years, as despite its attractive wooded setting, as it has experienced anti-social behaviour and other issues. The flat blocks blighted the neighbourhood and the whole place was run-down and in need of regeneration. The first new homes to be built have really changed the experience of arrival at Dee Park, and have made the most of the wooded views around the estate.

Value is being created for the residents of the new homes, and also for the residents of Dee Park. Sale of new homes not only provides new affordable flats and houses but also environmental improvements to the open spaces, paths and parking courts, a new community centre and shops. These improvements also add value to existing houses so the whole community benefits from the regeneration.

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