Dollis Valley Phases 4 & 5
Planning authority
London Borough of Barnet
Architecture, Sustainability & Landscape teams

Dollis Valley Phases 4 and 5 are the final phases of the wider estate regeneration for Countryside Properties and L&Q which was originally outlined in 2013. This urban regeneration project will deliver affordable and private sale homes overlooking a public garden square.

The design of phase 4 & 5 looks to build upon the strong design and character set up by early phases of the regeneration, whilst also delivering an increase in family houses. In total 223 homes will be delivered across phases 4 & 5 in a mixture of affordable / private sale houses & apartments. Phase 4 will also see delivery of Dollis Brook Green, the fantastic public garden square which sits at the heart of the masterplan and provides the primary public amenity for the regeneration.

The total number of homes are made up of 105 houses and 118 apartments. 89 of the homes provided are to be affordable tenure, 6 will be intermediate tenure and the remaining 128 will be for private sale. HTA have designed 7 different housetypes to suit the borough’s varied needs. The apartments are provided across 5 blocks and are all 4 storeys in height with similar layouts facilities.

The architectural character of the apartment blocks takes inspiration from early phases in the regeneration, whilst also looking to introduce subtle elements which allow phase 4a,4b & 5 apartments to develop their own character. Simple flush brick façades are used to be in keeping with apartment blocks in phases 1 to 3 and these create strong street edges along the avenues to add to the natural wayfinding.

The deep recessed balconies add depth, shadow and rhythm to the façades. Subtle brick banding adds detail and horizontal elements to the facade, whilst changes in materiality highlight key areas such as communal entrances. The placement of staggered windows were also inspired by apartment blocks in early phases and these add a playful element to street frontages.

The public square sits at the heart of the scheme, overlooked on 3 sides by terraced houses and opening up towards Dollis Brook at the south, the green represents the largest piece of public amenity within the regeneration masterplan and offers the estate valuable external space to enjoy, relax and play.

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