Great Lines Heritage Park
Medway, Chatham
Medway Council
Planning authority
Medway Council

The Great Lines Heritage Park is a 70 hectare regional park that has been created from a site that is of international heritage significance. The park is located within the Thames Gateway priority housing area, Europe’s largest regeneration project.

Working with over fifty stakeholders, HTA have created a Masterplan for the development of a disparate, under-utilised and dangerous landscape into a new public park with a coherent, accessible, contemporary identity and an active and highly programmed use. Phase one of the Masterplan was subsequently delivered in order to open the park to the public, ongoing sequential phases will open new areas to the park over a twenty year programme. HTA’s graphics team worked alongside the Landscape team to create a complimentary wayfinding and mapping solution for the project, with extensive park signage and historical information displays

The park and the dockyard have been shortlisted by UNESCO as a potential World Heritage sites in recognition that the site represents an important interchange of ideas and human values relating to industrial, naval and military technology and architecture at a time when naval power was crucial to the rise to global power of European nations.

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