Old Dairy Site
Social Capital Partners
Planning authority
London Borough of Croydon

The existing specialist temporary accommodation market typically consists of very low quality accommodation. Families or individuals are placed within a room which at its best contains very limited cooking and washing facilities. SCP have evolved the specialist temporary accommodation market so it no longer relates to just being a room.

It provides a bespoke living space offering residents the privacy and personal space we all desire within a purpose-built, well-managed and secure building facilitating the provision of shared facilities and essential services that help to create a sense of community.

The scheme provides 115 homes across a range of sizes and typologies, including apartments, maisonettes and houses. The site is set out around a central courtyard, with The Hub building to the south, offering an adaptable community space. The Central Building reinstating the street frontages to Woodcroft Road and Bensham Lane on the east and west of the site, and finally The Mews which is to the north of the site, where terrace houses and a deck access building face into a secure communal playspace for young children.

The homes contain sleeping, living, cooking and bathing facilities within a flexible space. Residents will have access to on-site domestic services such as laundry and storage facilities to meet their daily needs. In addition, this scheme will offer space to facilitate the provision of key council services within office and a community space.

Compact apartments have been designed to provide every household with a generous and well-lit open plan living space, separate bedrooms with generous window frontage, a private bathroom and storage space. A central management hub provides access from Bensham Lane and Woodcroft Road, providing a focus for communal areas at ground floor. 

This area provides a secure entrance and clear management hub for the series of buildings whilst promoting a ‘know your neighbour’ approach. A flexible community space fronts the public entrance square to the south of the site, creating a feature at the junction of Woodcroft Road and Bensham Lane. The space will have a café for existing and new residents offering an adaptable space for NHS services, such as fitness and wellbeing classes, workshops, mum’s and toddler groups etc. The scheme received very positive feedback from councillors at the Pre-application committee and is due to be supported by Planning Officers at the London Borough of Croydon’s main committee later this year.

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