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The London Borough of Ealing has identified a number of sites under their ownership which are suitable for the redevelopment of mixed tenure housing. To date planning permission has been granted for 199 new homes across 21 sites.

These sites are part of a portfolio of sites which form part of Ealing’s New Build Housing Programme. To date, a total of 73 new affordable homes have been delivered across the Borough of Ealing. The site is located in Northolt, in the north-west of the Borough of Ealing. Situated to the south of Rectory Park, it is a short walk or cycle ride to Northolt Station.

Taking precedent from Rectory Park Estate, HTA have been able to design a scheme which is on a larger scale to its surrounding context which is largely two to three stories. 

The precedent has allowed HTA to provide a scheme ranging from three to eight stories and is responsive to the location the site is situated within. This change in scale enables a strong presence to large open spaces and the reduction in height helps establish a pedestrian street scale and datum to the buildings that harmonises the surrounding public spaces.

The design of the scheme sought to maximise the separating distances between the two principle blocks creating a large amenity space, connecting through to Rectory Park. The position of the two blocks face onto Ruislip Road and create a connection between street and open space.

In order to reduce the impact of the two principle blocks, HTA subdivided the blocks with brick detailing to create three ‘pavilions’ which step down in height as they address and relate to the homes at the south of the site boundary.

The proposed design relates to Rectory Park and continues the connectivity through from the Park into the scheme itself, thus creating a well-defined and accessible entrance, opening up views to the open space. 

The scheme consists of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes; 19 homes are affordable, 62 homes are private sale and 11 homes are designed to be older persons’ accommodation. All dwellings have been designed to be dual aspect and share the community amenity space which is 1,360m².

The new communal garden between the two new blocks is divided up into three spaces: two areas of lawn and a central under 5’s doorstep play space. 

Each of the spaces are bordered by new instant hedge and attractive shrub planting whose positioning relate to the geometry of the adjacent buildings. The private gardens will be bounded by instant hedge and shrub planting. 

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