Stonebridge Estate sites 29-30
The Hyde Group
178 new homes
Shortlist, Housing Design Awards: Project – Stonebridge 29 & 30 2017

Hyde Housing Association has led the redevelopment of the Stonebridge estate over the last two decades, with a variety of completed projects across a wide area that have resulted in the wholesale transformation of this once crumbling and dangerous estate into a new neighbourhood of active streets, interspersed with apartment buildings of a very high architectural quality. Sites 29 and 30 offer a great opportunity to activate and regenerate the southern part of the masterplan, and Hyde are working alongside one of country’s leading housebuilders, Hill Partnerships, to deliver 178 new homes in this location, completing the regeneration of the neighbourhood.

Our proposal for a mixed neighborhood introduces a variety of private and shared ownership apartments and family homes. A pedestrian street between blocks is part of the public realm and will be accessible by the public. Large private communal courtyards will form part of the amenity provided to the dwellings. The layout has been driven by the desire to create an active new residential development that builds on the tradition of successful high density London housing and integrates seamlessly with its context. Our proposals aim to create well defined and activated streets, shared private amenity courtyards and high quality houses and flats whilst working with the challenging levels on site.

Front door entrances from maisonettes and houses create active streets frontages along Harrison Road, Winchelsea Road, and Lawrence Avenue. The slope downwards to south and west enables access to podium parking without ramps.

Materials proposed are of high quality, durable and identifiable with traditional London residential developments. 

Brick is the dominant material with metallic cladding used to emphasise or separate certain aspects of the scheme such as the entrances and top floor duplex flats. A different brick colour is proposed for the corners of Blocks B and C on the Winchelsea Road facade. The change of shade on these corners will emphasise their importance and mark the entrance of the pedestrian link between the main building blocks.h

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