Tindale Crescent
County Durham
Places for People

The former Tindale Crescent Hospital site in West Auckland was the subject of an English Partnerships’ competition in 2006, won by HTA and Places for People.

HTA and Places for People took the approach that the redevelopment should provide good spacious houses, but at the sort of density normally associated with flats. This approach allowed the development to provide the type of accommodation that would be attractive in the area, whilst generating a land value that would be competitive with a more conventional flatted development. 

The resulting scheme will provide 51 houses. There is one terrace of three 2 bed 2 storey dwellings; the rest are detached or semi-detached, with 2, 3 and 4 bed properties at two, two and a half and three stories. 

The houses are designed using a simple ‘kit of parts’ approach, with stairs, ensuites and bathrooms common across different housetypes and sizes. They all feature generous windows, good sized gardens and simple plans. Many houses have semi private courtyard spaces for car parking (some with two on plot spaces) and some have additional amenity space on upper level roof terraces.

Central to the development is a public space containing trees, street lighting, a small play area, and car parking. Either side of this are two narrow lanes that give access to the dwellings and the car parking. This is all finished in the same high quality paving materials and creates a pedestrian friendly home zone environment where pedestrians dominate and car speeds are kept low.

The overall development provides popular house types that reflect the local vernacular but with contemporary features, designed around a friendly central space.

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