Winstanley & York Road Hoarding Project
Clapham Junction, Wandsworth
Wandsworth Borough Council
Planning authority
Wandsworth Borough Council

The Winstanley and York Road regeneration has a far-reaching vision for the area which builds on the aspirational masterplanning. HTA’s masterplan provides more social and affordable housing and a new park which will be used by the whole community. There will also be major improvements to the built environment, new commercial and community facilities, jobs, education and training opportunities. 

The regeneration will deliver an attractive new neighbourhood that provides better opportunities for all, where people are proud to work, live and visit. We want to improve the connections between the neighbourhood and wider communities, Clapham Junction station and the river Thames. This will improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists ensuring a legible place with clear linkages between destinations and improve the estate’s connection with the rest of the borough and the wider city.

At the centre of our masterplan is the newly designed park which will become a unique space protected from York Road, available for residents of the new and existing surrounding neighbourhoods. A new street network will also improve access to the park and create a healthy and green environment for movement through the area.

The way in which we engage with existing residents means that more people are involved in the design process at every stage. We try to make the engagement process as interesting and involving as we can, in order to reach as many residents as we can.

The participatory design approach gives residents platforms to discuss the regeneration, whilst also making the process memorable and valuable.

Since 2016, we’ve been working with residents to gather feedback on the regeneration proposals, whilst also delivering a varied programme of activities including meanwhile uses, art projects, hoarding artwork and planting.

Block A is part of the Phase 0 Development boundary and will be the  first Council delivered homes as part of the overall regeneration. Phase 0 is comprised of blocks A, B and C. It is a significant step in the commencement of the project with the first phase of development given the go ahead by unanimous approval at March 2018 by Wandsworth Planning Committee.

As a major part of our engagement role, we were asked by Wandsworth Council to create some engaging hoardings surrounding the construction work at block A and along a neighbouring road where the site office is located. Our approach was to work with the local school - Falconbrook, with whom we have previously engaged - to create a living green wall, restoring lavender to the local area, where it once grew.

The hoarding artwork featuring the engagement workshop outcomes, alongside the project branding, messaging and hand drawn illustrations by HTA’s in-house illustrator.

The extended hoarding running along Grant Road features the reproduced MUGA mural from the former nearby play space.

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