build to rent interior design

The Mint

As part of the Guildford train station redevelopment, HTA worked with Grainger on amenity interiors for The Mint.


Our interiors team were commissioned to work with the client and the construction team, to deliver a comprehensive design solution for a series of connected amenity spaces on the ground floor.

The new building provides build to rent homes located adjacent to Guildford train station, and with a limited floor plate the amenity design had to work hard to maximise the efficiency in each space, whilst also creating a communal home for the incoming residents.

Interior Design

build to rent interior design

Concept for the interior design

The concept draws inspiration from local architecture and the area’s rich history as home of the Royal Mint. Brass finishes and circular motifs throughout the amenity spaces nod to the Royal Mint’s coin production. Arches and scalloped forms, herringbone patterns and gold ornamentation reference details from the historic town centre.

Due to spatial constraints, the amenity area is modest and used cleverly to maximise space. The private dining doubles up as a media room, with acoustic curtains for separation, and a colour palette which works across both spaces for cohesion when curtains are drawn. Moveable lounge furniture allows residents to adapt the space to suit their events. For instance, chairs can be moved to face the screen during a movie showing, or moved apart to create smaller clusters when the area is used as a lounge.

Interior design of the amenity spaces

The space occupies the ground floor of the residential building, with a narrow floorplate to work with.

We included a private gym, co-working lounge and booths, private dining space and relaxed lounge space. The private dining space houses a bespoke kitchen space, with island unit for demonstration purposes.

The reception space also has a semi-concealed refreshment station for resident use, mail boxes and parcel store. The back of house office sits adjacent to the reception area, with staff facilities beyond.

The window spaces to the front of the building were maximised as amenity spaces, because of the narrow floorplate, with glazed sky lights above adding additional light into the spaces.

build to rent interior design
build to rent interior design
build to rent
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