What type of homes are provided at Woodside Park?

The scheme is positioned on a narrow brownfield site adjacent to Woodside Park Station and comprises 86 one-bedroom, one-person homes. All homes in the building are sold at a market rate discount and will remain this way throughout their lifespan. The scheme aims to provide local people with an avenue to home ownership and is offered exclusively to those living and working in the London Borough of Barnet.

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What inspired the design of the brick work?

Twin 5-storey buildings front a central entry courtyard with a stairway featuring an exposed brick and concrete core with views out across the surrounding area.

Stairs and lifts are enclosed by a ‘hit and miss’ brick work wall laid in a double-leaf monk bond pattern, borne through close collaboration between architect, contractor and facade specialist. These walls not only protect from the elements but also deliver a soft ecclesiastical quality of light that encourage the residents to use these spaces

affordable homes

How does the repetition of a singular unit type contribute to the facade's design?

Architecturally, the buildings create a dialogue with the neighbouring, locally listed St Barnabas Church through their rich red mottled brickwork and detailing. The repetition of a singular unit type creates order across the facade with well-proportioned bays, soldier course banding at every level, and use of projecting header brickwork that distinguishes and adds depth and texture to the top floor.

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affordable homes