Tanya Stagnetto

Part II Architectural Assistant


Tanya completed her Part 2 at The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design in June 2016. In her final year she studied under the Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources (ARCSR) unit where she developed her final thesis project. This followed on from one month of intense field work in Bungamati village in the Kathmandu Valley; a village severely damaged by the April 2015 earthquake.

Tanya undertook volunteer work for the ARCSR in parallel to her studies as a researcher and community engagement leader in a team of four. The group successfully lay the grounds for an ongoing collaborative project with local NGO Bungamati Foundation that seeks to assist the post-earthquake rehabilitation and reconstruction in the village.

Prior to this, she studied at the University of Bath where she achieved her Part I qualification and was awarded the Bristol Society of Architects prize.

Previous to HTA, Tanya has worked as a Part 1 architectural assistant for small practices John Langdon in Gibraltar and Inglis Badrashi Loddo Architects in London on a variety of project types with a focus on residential design. 

Tanya formed part of the detail design team in delivering stage 3 construction drawings for Croydon Small Sites. More recently, she has worked in a small team on two exciting rooftop extension projects for Apex Airspace Development preparing drawings, reports and assisting design. These projects, which are at pre planning stage, propose additional storeys of flats to existing residential and commercial buildings exploring the potential of rooftop modular development in addressing London’s housing crisis. 

Tanya is currently taking a lead role in delivering a planning application for Dee Park Community Centre, a project that forms a later phase of a major estate regeneration in Dee Park, Reading. This project will provide much needed facilities for the local community including a crèche, café, community hall and adult learning spaces at the heart of the estate.