Full House for Architect: Creative Genius or Master Builder?

“To create a new value compact with society and our clients, architects need a profound understanding of what it takes to create a sustainable and fair built environment" - Ben Derbyshire 

Ben Derbyshire and Eleanor Jolliffe joined Peter Murray and Patricia Brown  at Temple Bar to discuss The Architect: Creative Genius or Master Builder?

The audience engaged in a lively question and answer session modern pitfalls in the architecture profession and what pockets of resolution might look like. There was a distinct focus on education reform with questions from students and practitioners asking what needs to change to improve the standard of architectural education and the architect's ability to relate to the rest of the built environment sector.

Ben Derbyshire is the chair of HTA Design and ex RIBA president. He has recently published his first book, Home Truths, which is informed by 50 years as a housing architect and is an expansive view of building well, building for longevity, and learning from successful historic buildings.

Eleanor Jolliffe is an architect, associate at Allies and Morrison, and writer based in London. She has a regular column in UK architecture title Building Design and is co-author of Architect: The evolving story of a profession.

Patricia Brown’s strategic and non-executive work spans disciplines, sectors and geographies. She is the Founding Director of Central, a consultancy with knowledge rooted in the dynamics of cities and the inter-connection of business, public services and communities.

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