HTA Comms team helped deliver latest document for the GLA's Good Growth by Design series

Working with Claire Bennie of Municipal, we were tasked with delivering the latest guidance document for the GLA’s Good Growth by Design series. The document is comprised of four main themes - Culture and People, Brief and Standards, Procurement, and Stewardship. Within the four man themes, there are 50 action topics addressing different issues that need to be tackled at a strategic and organisation-wide level, thinking about how quality is delivered.

The 50 actions are organised into three prioritised categories, that should be worked through sequentially from Level 1 to Level 3: Level 1: these 12 actions are essential to achieving quality outcomes. As such, they are the most important to establish or strengthen.

Level 2: these 28 actions are common to many organisations delivering quality outcomes. They are considered to be effective and produce consistently good results.

Level 3: these 10 actions are generally taken by seasoned organisations that excel in implementing quality management practices to deliver the highest quality outcomes. 

View report here:

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