HTA Design’s 179 home Ravensbury regeneration scheme gets green light

November 2019 – The London Borough of Merton has granted planning permission for Phases 2-4 of HTA’s low rise, mixed tenure housing development in a leafy riverside park setting. The development will form part of Clarion Housing Group’s £1 billion regeneration scheme in the borough.

The scheme looks to draw upon the heritage of the suburban site, with buildings arranged as traditional streets, creating a new neighbourhood that is part of the wider parkland and which protects and enhances landscape quality and biodiversity.

Alongside 179 homes - 100 of which are for affordable rent - HTA’s design includes a new community centre, approximately twice the size of the existing room, situated at the heart of the new development.

The design maximises housing on the site, whilst retaining and enhancing the ‘village-like’ character of the existing estate. The variety of new pitched roof, brick-built homes form a series of traditional leafy, tree lined streets, making for a more pleasant environment as well as safe pedestrian and cycle access to the adjacent parks.

The Reserved Matters application was submitted in May 2019. The development of the site is planned across 3 phases to reduce impact on the existing residents, with Phase 4 planned for completion in 2025.

Paul Maddock, Senior Associate at HTA Design, said: “We are delighted that following many years of in-depth engagement with residents, planning consent at Ravensbury has been achieved. The project enhances this unique riverside setting and delivers new affordable housing while embracing circular economy principles.”

Paul Quinn, Director of Merton Regeneration at Clarion Housing, said: “This scheme will improve the lives of residents in Ravensbury and will see the outdated and overcrowded accommodation replaced with well-designed, modern housing. It is particularly pleasing that around three-quarters of the new homes will be much-needed family housing, benefitting today’s residents and future generations.”


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