HTA shortlisted in the AJ100 Awards

HTA are delighted that we have been shortlisted in two AJ100 awards...

Employer of the Year

It's an honour to be shortlisted for Architects’ Journal AJ100 Employer of the Year Award, this year more than any other!  We couldn't be prouder of our employees, collaborators & clients for supporting each other in our goal to create the best possible workplace.

Collaboration of the Year

HTA Design & HOK - The Industry Prints, a PPE printing initiative involving 80 practices

Our collaborative initiative encouraged the architecture and engineering industries to rally together and use their resources and skills to help combat a national emergency in a way that most would not have realised they could have helped, addressing a problem that lay outside their field of expertise.

The Industry Prints is an amazing example of how quickly an industry can come together, work for the greater social benefit, and use creative solutions to respond to the pressing needs of a pandemic. It clearly demonstrates the benefit of collaborating, of working together and sharing information, ideas and practices to iteratively improve a solution. Most of all it is a clear demonstration of what is possible when multiple skills and resources are brought to bear on a single problem, with the volume of production achieved by The Industry Prints only possible through the collaboration of each and every member of the initiative.

View all shortlists here.

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