HTA@50 - Castleward

At the outset of the project, there was virtually no residential accommodation in Castleward. The lack of a community in this central location meant that the key area between the station and the city centre had little character, despite being a place many passed through. HTA’s shared vision for Castleward was to uplift a neglected part of the city by providing a vibrant and attractive connection between Derby Midland Station and the city centre, setting a new standard for urban residential development and placemaking.

The development looks at traditional streets and squares as a model, but it also looks beyond the physical fabric to the sort of mixed community where people of different ages and lifestyles can live together to mutual benefit.  A mix of retail, a café and small scale offices bring new employment opportunities to the area. The masterplan achieved BREEAM Communities certification, one of the first projects ever to achieve this certification. Achieving this standard is a reflection of the ambition of the development to create a sustainable neighbourhood rather than just to create a series of sustainable buildings.

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