Phase 2: Refurbishment of the existing buildings at Wensley Road gain planning approval

We are pleased to share that the refurbishment of the existing buildings at Wensley Road for Reading Borough Council received unanimous approval at planning committee.

The refurbishment works will include replacement of all the existing windows with triple glazing, external wall and roof materials to improve the thermal performance and appearance of the three blocks. Much needed improved refuse, recycling facilities and new bin chutes will also be provided along with increased cycle storage, renovated entrances, landscaped community gardens, as well as a tenant and community liaison hub.

The improvements to the existing homes will also deliver improved visual appearance, landscaping and energy efficiency for the existing residents. These strategies are all being developed as part of an overall urban renewal strategy and follows the same principles as the phase 1 and masterplan to create a coherent sense of place. Phase 1 includes 46 new council homes starting on site now which are all affordable and designed to be net zero carbon.

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