Urban Tree Tour with Author Paul Wood

This World Environment Day, we were lucky enough to be led by Paul Wood, Author of London is a Forest (2019) and London Tree Walks (2020), on an urban tree tour for our evening Tuesday Talk. As we explored Hackney Wick and the Wick Woodlands, Paul impressed attendees as he shared his knowledge of the biodiversity and history of trees in the local area.

With one of the country's largest urban tree planting programs, Hackney Councils' creative tree selection process is seen through the diverse range of native and non-native trees that grace the area. 

As we walked around Wick Woodlands, Paul taught us about its history and mixture of older, statuesque trees and younger woodland. Tucked alongside the Lea Navigation Canal, Wick Woodlands was initially put in as an offsetting measure 30 years ago. Today, the haven is an established woodland where many native tree species have been planted to promote wildlife, including several of Britain's rarest native trees, the Black Poplar. 

It was an extremely engaging and fascinating evening. Thank you, Paul, for sharing your knowledge and the stories embedded within our local environment. All who attended agreed the tour highlighted the value of biodiversity and preserving and appreciating the trees and greenery that make Hackney Wick truly unique. 

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